When considering potential franchisees, what traits do franchisors look for? Well many of the qualities will vary according to the specifics of each franchise industry. For example, an estate agency franchise might require excellent sales skills; an automotive repair franchise might require certain mechanical abilities; a beauty salon franchise might require creative and customer satisfaction skills.” Beyond the industry-specific traits, […]

Here are the main provisions covered in most franchise agreements. It’s important to know what to expect before looking at contracts so that you can make an informed decision about whether to accept a franchisor’s terms. Franchise contracts are legally binding, so be sure that you can abide by the terms before signing. Franchise Territory and Boundaries Each franchise location […]

Buying a franchise is a life-changing experience. An intelligently designed and executed franchise model such as HomeXperts can be an exceptional method of expansion, but franchise systems that are poorly designed or not well managed are to be avoided. Below are the best reasons to consider investing in a franchise. Many entrepreneurs have the skills to run an existing successful […]

When choosing your next career move, there are many factors that you are likely to take into consideration before taking the plunge; but have you considered franchising? The support of the established brand and benefits of having a network to work with, are all critical points that will assist you in becoming a successful estate agency franchisee. If you think […]

The initial franchise fee, marketing costs, and ongoing operating costs means buying a franchise may require a large amount of capital. All businesses need capital when it comes to starting up, and franchises are no different. Here at Home-Xperts, we’re able to make this whole thing a lot easier by helping prospective franchisees get funding from Star-Up Direct. Now more […]

Sussanne Chambers offers honest advice to franchise seekers… The subject of Sussanne Chambers’ latest column in Elite Franchise Magazine may have come as a surprise to many this month. It is unusual that the owner of an established UK franchise would ever urge someone not to consider franchising. However, upon further inspection, the piece offers an opportunity for franchise seekers […]

Sussanne Chambers has been tapping away at the keyboard to provide Elite Franchise with her valuable insights. This month, Sussanne talks about the importance of confidence, in life as well as in business. The property franchise owner begins with “Confidence is a weird thing. I am a huge believer that it can take you a long way in life”. Launching […]