Elliott Boyden

What is a Hybrid Estate Agent? “Hybrid. A word that the industry has latched onto.” Describes Elliott at the start of the latest HomeXperts Podcast. It’s true, hybrid estate agents are everywhere. On your TV on your high street, online, in your newspapers. But with many claiming the title, what exactly is a hybrid estate agent. Sussanne Chambers, HomeXperts founder […]

“To be passionate about your work you will have to really care about your work and the benefits to this are limitless…” Sussanne Chambers, owner of the HomeXperts Franchise speaks of the importance of passion in your work. Her latest elite franchise article: http://elitefranchisemagazine.co.uk/people/item/the-power-of-applying-passion-in-the-workplace Sussanne built HomeXperts from a laptop and a kitchen table to over 30 branches nationwide, with her […]

When considering potential franchisees, what traits do franchisors look for? Well many of the qualities will vary according to the specifics of each franchise industry. For example, an estate agency franchise might require excellent sales skills; an automotive repair franchise might require certain mechanical abilities; a beauty salon franchise might require creative and customer satisfaction skills.” Beyond the industry-specific traits, […]

Here are the main provisions covered in most franchise agreements. It’s important to know what to expect before looking at contracts so that you can make an informed decision about whether to accept a franchisor’s terms. Franchise contracts are legally binding, so be sure that you can abide by the terms before signing. Franchise Territory and Boundaries Each franchise location […]

Landlords have a tough time as it is. As well as having to manage their property portfolio, they also have to ensure maintenance is up to scratch, handle enquiries from their tenants and importantly, ensure they have enough people in their properties so they can make money. While online systems aren’t going away, using a letting agent can help massively. […]

The initial franchise fee, marketing costs, and ongoing operating costs means buying a franchise may require a large amount of capital. All businesses need capital when it comes to starting up, and franchises are no different. Here at Home-Xperts, we’re able to make this whole thing a lot easier by helping prospective franchisees get funding from Star-Up Direct. Now more […]