OK, let me give you the quick answer for those who haven’t got time to hang around: No. There’s no business of any kind that is “easy”. You will see lots of adverts all over the Internet and in online forums that tell you that you can start your own business with just an hour a day and make millions […]

House prices have been a fascination with homeowners ever since more people were able to purchase their own property during the 1980s. Since Margaret Thatcher gave everyone the choice to buy their council house, people have seen them more than just a place to live, sleep and eat; they’re now a solid investment. Of course, as with all investments, there’s […]

Buying a franchise is a life-changing experience. An intelligently designed and executed franchise model such as HomeXperts can be an exceptional method of expansion, but franchise systems that are poorly designed or not well managed are to be avoided. Below are the best reasons to consider investing in a franchise. Many entrepreneurs have the skills to run an existing successful […]

The property market may be challenging at the moment, but this is leading to plenty of opportunities for landlords to cash in on their investments.  Whether you are a property investor growing your portfolio or a first-time landlord with one property to rent, a good Lettings Agent can save you time, money and take the stress away from your transactions. […]

When choosing your next career move, there are many factors that you are likely to take into consideration before taking the plunge; but have you considered franchising? The support of the established brand and benefits of having a network to work with, are all critical points that will assist you in becoming a successful estate agency franchisee. If you think […]

Landlords have a tough time as it is. As well as having to manage their property portfolio, they also have to ensure maintenance is up to scratch, handle enquiries from their tenants and importantly, ensure they have enough people in their properties so they can make money. While online systems aren’t going away, using a letting agent can help massively. […]