Podcast: What is a Hybrid Estate Agent? with Sussanne Chambers

What is a Hybrid Estate Agent?

“Hybrid. A word that the industry has latched onto.” Describes Elliott at the start of the latest HomeXperts Podcast.

It’s true, hybrid estate agents are everywhere. On your TV on your high street, online, in your newspapers. But with many claiming the title, what exactly is a hybrid estate agent. Sussanne Chambers, HomeXperts founder and managing director, attempts to describe the hybrid estate agency term in our 7 minute podcast on the matter. She claims that HomeXperts and its franchisees were one of the first truly hybrid agents, therefore she must have a good understanding of what makes one.

You can listen to the podcast below and make your own mind up on what a hybrid estate agent is so that your not misunderstood when selling your property.

HomeXperts have been selling hybrid estate agency franchises since 2010. This is where the estate agent works from home, using their computer, but still personally interacts with the client as a traditional high street agent would. At the time, Sussanne recognised there was no longer a need for a high street presence as over 90% of property searches started online. Fast forward to 2018 and it’s said that over 95% of property searches start online again emphasising the lack of need for a high street presence.

‘Always Innovating’ was a line Sussanne used in the above podcast to describe HomeXperts, and they yet again proved that this year with the launch of HomeXperts Xpress. An Online only estate agency service with a fixed fee rate of £795+VAT.

You can Xplore the HomeXperts Xpress Online Estate Agency franchise offering here: https://www.home-xperts.co.uk/online-estate-agency-franchise/

HomeXperts offer the chance for you to start your own online, fixed fee estate agency service for just £6,000+ VAT.

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