What Could I Earn As An Estate Agency Franchisee?

When choosing your next career move, there are many factors that you are likely to take into consideration before taking the plunge; but have you considered franchising?

The support of the established brand and benefits of having a network to work with, are all critical points that will assist you in becoming a successful estate agency franchisee.

If you think that estate agency franchising could be for you, then it’s important to look into what training and support you will need, which we summarise in our blog: http://www.home-xperts.co.uk/2017/09/26/franchisor-support/

When it comes to earning potential, with an average UK sale price of £273,668 each property sold would generate an income of over £2,408, and with a mortgage, insurance and utility sales you would earn significantly more.

Even a single management contract with a National average rent of £799 per month over a 12-month period would earn on average £1,250 per annum.

From property sales and letting, you will also have the advantage of earning commissions on other essential services such as insurance products and utility referrals, which will generate additional income for you.

With a HomeXperts Estate and Letting Agency Franchise, you could quickly build up a sizeable monthly income with flexible working hours to suit you.

The powerful attraction of a HomeXperts Franchise is that your total income grows with each property added.

Every sales instruction creates additional earning opportunities, and your total monthly income grows with each property let.

To find out more about the exciting HomeXperts franchise opportunity and what you could earn as a franchisee, Click here: http://brochure.home-xperts.co.uk/

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