HomeXperts Podcast – Top 10 Tips when Moving Home

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Relocating any time soon? Take a listen to our ‘Top 10 Tips when Moving Home’.

Moving home can be a stressful experience. As much as you are filled with the excitement of your new life elsewhere, the size and scale of the task ahead can seem daunting. There’s so much for you to sort out in the build up to moving day. The day itself can seem like a whirlwind. And, even in the months after your move you will still find yourself placing ornaments in their new positions.

We wanted to make your life a little easier when moving, so we collected our top ten tips for when moving home.

Our guests were the familiar voices of Mike Gowland and Sussanne Chambers. Sussanne, an experienced landlord and property professional, has overseen the moves of hundreds of tenants and new home owners during her years in property. And Mike, the veteran estate agent, has made those moves happen for over 30 years. They offered in depth advice about moving day, alongside little tips and tricks collated from their past endeavours.

So, if your moving make sure you listen to this one before moving day, or if you know someone that is moving, share our podcast with them to lend an extra hand.

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