“Previously, I expected to close 50% of valuations, since joining HX I haven’t lost one.” – Q & A with HomeXperts Somerset Owner Robert Pain

At the end of 2016, Robert Pain was ready to fulfil a lifelong dream. To ‘go it alone’ in the estate agency world. He had previously worked his way up to a Branch Manager, at an estate agency close to where he lives.

Now, Robert is the Owner and Director of HomeXperts North Somerset and is building his business in a steady fashion.

When joining HomeXperts, North Somerset’s ‘Personal Agent’ said “HomeXperts stood out really from the support that was on offer. Particularly regarding the lettings.” He Continued “There were a few other packages that I looked at which seemed you were buying a brand and a website and that was it. But, I think the aftercare, the marketing and the back-office support provided by HomeXperts is absolutely fantastic.”

We caught up with Rob Recently to see just how he’d been getting on 10 months after starting his agency and the results were very promising.

How do you feel your business has progressed in the last 10 months?

It’s gone just as I hoped it would. My instructions are picking up, I’m always getting 1 or 2 take-ons, which is providing a good flow of business. I’m always out and about which is the important thing.

How does it differ to what you were doing in the industry before?

The biggest difference for me is when I go out to see a client I represent my business. When I was working on behalf of an agency, clients see the corporate brand and don’t really relate to it.

Previously, I expected to close 50% of valuations, since joining HomeXperts I haven’t lost one. Every valuation I have completed has resulted in a take on. I now expect to gain an instruction from every valuation.

It’s my business and people really like that.

What are the challenges? How have you overcome them?

As with any business, the biggest challenge is getting on the market. If you can’t get a valuation you can’t get the instruction.

It took 7 weeks for me to get my first valuation. I kept at it, tweaked things I was doing, and most importantly stayed positive.

Boards breed boards as they say, and the work started coming in nicely after that. I did a viewing recently, and the viewer had a property for sale, so I got another instruction through that.

I had another take-on the other day and the client had 6 more to rent. I’ve quoted him a price a lot less than what he’s currently paying so I hope that when we meet soon I can add 6 more properties to my managed lets.

Are you earning more money than you did before, if not, do you predict you will be?

With my business being only 10 months old I’m not yet. However, I predict that by the middle or end of next year I’ll be earning what I was, and I will have paid back the franchise fee.

This year if you discount the franchise fee I would be in profit. So, I’m very hopeful for next year!

Do you have more time for family and friends?

Yes, definitely. I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want.

I’ve got a lot more flexibility, my kids are getting older now but they still need me HomeXperts has enabled me to be there when previously I have been unable to.

Before, I was working 5 or 6 days a week. Now, I can book personal stuff in when I want. If I want to go on holiday, I can go.  Like the other week, I went on holiday and the HomeXperts Central Call centre filled in my calls which was a great help.

Your plans for the future?

As mentioned in the HomeXperts Franchisee Testimonial Video.

Sit on the beach somewhere in a few years time!

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