Owning a property franchise isn’t just about selling homes…


If you’ve taken the plunge and decided to invest in a property franchise, then you will already realise that there’s an awful lot to this job, most of it concerning the rules and regulations about the industry as a whole.

You have hopefully also noticed that the key to being a great estate agent isn’t just about your knowledge of the industry, but it’s also about being sympathetic to the needs of your prospects and clients.

However, when starting your own estate agency franchise, you have the opportunity  to change the view of people by being better than the rest, and providing a service above and beyond what many would expect, and it’s not that difficult.

One of the best books on the subject of how to get on with people is the oft-misquoted “How to win friends and influence people,” a book written in the 1930s by Dale Carnegie.

Carnegie had a unique look on the world of business and sales, and he made it clear that technical skills weren’t all you needed to get on in life. You also needed to have empathy and get on with people. In fact, he often said that getting on with your fellow workers was a much better way to progress your career than simply sitting exams.

So what can we learn from this as estate agents?

The first thing to realise is that running a property franchise is just like running a business – all the same rules apply so it’s essential to treat it as such.

When you deal with prospects, you need them to trust you. People often buy from those they trust the most, so building that trust is absolutely essential to having a long term relationship with them. And that means offering help and advice, and not just with the aim to turn it into a sale.

HomeXperts doesn’t work like most estate agent franchises. We have an active support base and regular meetings with peers to ensure everyone can learn together and understand what’s involved in ensuring everybody does well.

By nurturing this method of working, we hope it will also rub off on the people our franchisees deal with. Although you can earn a lot as a franchisee with us, our primary goal is to make a difference in the world of property selling.

The knowledge gap

One of the big issues we have found in the property market is that there is a huge knowledge gap between those in the industry and those looking to buy, sell or let a home.

While many might try to exploit that gap and give advice that is in the interests of the agent, we prefer to help people become more knowledgeable themselves and understand the process so they can be better informed.

Many of our franchisees have said that some of their best deals have come from having conversations with people, imparting knowledge and gaining a person’s trust.

Sometimes, even months later, someone they gave some information to has then come to them to help them sell a house.

So, if you’re still considering which route to take, have thought about moving into the property market and think a franchise might be for you, give us a call today on 01905 678850.

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