An estate agent gets creative with their marketing, winds up on the BBC!

EMoov nuke PR










We make it clear that marketing is key to the success of our estate agent franchisees, and so we often suggest great ways they can get their message out to people and spread the word of HomeXperts in general.

For example, during the winter, we might provide free snow shovels for people selling their house – after all, people need to be able to get to them to view them.

Many other estate agents do the same, and there are some creative ideas out there, but one has hit the headlines (the BBC no less!) for what some are saying is a stunt that could be in bad taste.

The agent in question is eMoov in Essex. They latched on to the current tensions between the USA and North Korea and produced a map of potential nuclear strike sites (above). They then pointed out where it was best to buy a house to avoid being affected.

Too far maybe?

We’re not sure.

On Twitter, one person took umbrage:

However, the comments from others have mostly been positive.

Let’s face it, they got mentioned on the BBC news, and so you could argue that they got some great publicity.

Even so, I think we’d rather take a more positive angle with our marketing!

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