Yes Vote Could Trigger Price Fall

The Scottish Referendum could have a steep decrease on property prices north of the border, so claim Zoopla (, September 2014).

The property portal state that house prices in Scotland have been rising for the last two years, however a Yes vote would almost certainly have an unfavourable effect on the Scottish economy.

With uncertainty brewing in the market over the impact a Yes vote could have on the Scottish economy, there are indications that a Yes vote could stimulate a market crash on a similar level to the ?recent financial crisis when house prices in Scotland fell by 17.5 per cent? (, September 2014). A drop of this magnitude would trigger a decrease of ??85 billion off the value of the total housing stock in Scotland? (, September 2014).

These drawbacks are certainly impacting any potential buyers from purchasing property in Scotland, with the idea become increasingly bothersome. Likewise, this could see many Scottish mortgage holders watching nervously as the vote nears wondering what impact this would have on the value of their property.

17th September 2014

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