What makes a person a successful estate agency franchise?

This is a question I was recently asked by a prospective franchisee, and whilst we have a strict recruitment criteria, which has ensured that we have not had franchise failures to date.

I actually think it is as much to do with the person and their personality as it is a result of our carefully created franchise model! We give our franchisees all the tools of the trade, a great award-winning website, the latest in estate and letting agency software, amazing marketing and the best franchise training programme in the UK.

However if the person does not have the motivation to get out of bed in the morning and switch on their laptop, all this is of little use! So my number one for a great estate and letting agency franchisee would be motivation. We try really hard not to sell our franchise to our potential franchisee recruits. You can imagine how hard this is as we are super excited about how the franchise model is developing. But as so many of our competitors hound an applicant once they have had their details, we have decided to try another way.

A motivated applicant will be visiting our website, moving through the applicant recruitment process in a timely way. Some people take longer to reach a decision and that is fine with me! After all this is a big decision and not one I want you to take without considering all the elements. A motivated franchisee will work hard through the training academy and get their business set up quickly and efficiently moving through the set up steps.

Once they get started a motivated franchisee will follow the model and not try to reinvent the wheel (we have already done that bit for you) they will be motivated to speak to customers, to do routine marketing tasks and to keep their skills up to date.

They will of course at times have motivational lapses. This is normal, but it is how a person picks themselves up after having a tough time which creates the great franchisee. Just like the athletes that fall during a race, to get up and do it all again with a good heart is a demonstration of huge strength of character. It is these people that become amazing successful estate and letting agency franchisees.

If this is you, we would love to talk to you!

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