Sussanne Chambers has been tapping away at the keyboard to provide Elite Franchise with her valuable insights. This month, Sussanne talks about the importance of confidence, in life as well as in business. The property franchise owner begins with “Confidence is a weird thing. I am a huge believer that it can take you a long way in life”. Launching […]

The ambition to start a business is common, but for many, this ambition is never fulfilled. There are various reasons of this. It could be a lack of confidence in themselves or their idea, or even the lack of an idea at all. For some, it’s the daunting prospect of starting a business and making sure your compliant, or possibly […]

‘It’s story time at HomeXperts’. At our latest HomeXperts franchise meeting, we had some questions for a selection of our franchisees. We wanted to know a little bit about them and there estate agency franchises. Host Elliott mentions that the franchisees all joined HomeXperts from a range of previous backgrounds and professions bringing a selection of transferable skills with them […]

We love seeing and hearing about the great work that our franchisees do on a daily basis. That includes their writing. We’re going to bring you some of the best pieces from around our franchise network to give you tips, tricks and stories about property and more. HomeXperts Leamington Spa are well known within the HomeXperts franchise network for their blogging. […]

Before we go into this subject and delve deeper into the support a franchisor can provide franchisees with, I think it is important to say that…THIS IS YOUR BUSINESS! No matter the amount of support given if you decide not to use it, or act upon the advice given, then the Franchisor cannot make this business work for you. As […]